Friday, 28 March 2008

Sports and Excercise for All

Bring your banners, buggies and bairns to Holyrood Park this Sunday 30th March for a demonstration at the World Cross Country Championships. Meet at noon (remember clocks will have gone forward!) at the bus stop outside the Scottish Parliament. Please let as many folk as possible know this is our chance to shame both the Council and Edinburgh Leisure about their actions.

Unhappy SNP try to pull the wool

The SNP group on the Council are now trying to take the credit for Edinburgh's Leisure's decision to amend the closure list. Their press release to the Evening News states how 'unhappy' they were and how they managed to persuade Edinburgh Leisure to change the plan. Not a mention of the protests or the complaints!

This letter Nationalists need a crèche course in consistent views spells out their recent stance on this. If there had been no protest we are sure they would have remained happy with their original decision to cut the funding to Edinburgh Leisure and take the consequences.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

And They Think It's All Over

Following huge protests from parents and carers across the city Edinburgh Leisure have been forced to reconsider their decision to close 6 out of 8 creche services in Edinburgh.

Keith Jackson, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Leisure, announced their change of plan with a revised list of creche closures. In a letter to parents he admits "the changes to the original decision have been made following consideration of representation from users and others who have contacted Edinburgh Leisure". This proves that our campaign has had a result but...................

Edinburgh Leisure still intends to close 4 out of 8 creche services.

Does he think we are daft?

Closing Kirkliston leisure centre, the Leith Victoria swim centre and Craiglockhart Tennis and Sports Centre, as well the Royal Commonwealth Pool facilities is unacceptable.

For Edinburgh Evening News coverage click here

Back to the Drawing Board Mr Jackson

Angry parents demonstrated outside Edinburgh Leisure's board meeting to ensure those responsible for closing our creches knew that we weren't accepting the decision. To see full coverage click here

On Tuesday parents caught up with Alex Salmond, First Minister, when he was in Edinburgh to launch a new Scottish Government policy on "early intervention to create a fairer society". Despite all his talk he tried to slip through the new of responsibility by stating that the creche closures were "a matter for the Council". The Herald report is here

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Dear Dear Councillor Cardownie

It had to be a man that said it, and a foolish one at that. Our Council's attitude to the provision of quality childcare as delivered on behalf of the Council via Edinburgh Leisure was summed up by Deputy Council Leader Steve Cardownie:
Edinburgh Leisure's main job is to provide sports facilities, not childcare
He just doesn't get it, without the childcare there will be no sports facilities available to thousands of parents and carers across Edinburgh. Most of these people are women and the lack of childcare is a huge barrier to women taking exercise.

See the full story in the Evening News

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Are they listening?

Over 100 parents protested outside today's council meeting - I don't recall electing these people to close our creches - do you?

To see and hear the protest on STV news click here and to read the the full details here

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Edinburgh for us or them?

This letter
appeared in the Evening News and rightly questions who the council are prioritising - tourists or residents?

Tonight's letter gives one parents' experience of the creche and the benefit that it has had for her and her family.

Well done to both, we need to complain loudly - send your letters to

Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Bad News Breaks

Edinburgh Leisure have just announced the closure of 6 of their 8 creche facilities. This announcement is a huge shock to parents and carers using the facilities. Most people who use the creches are regulars and have every confidence in this first class childcare service. Edinburgh Leisure stated:
These tough decisions were based on identifying those areas where maximum savings could be made with the minimum disruption to services
Management babble for cutting a service that is not profit making and is subsidised, exactly what you pay your council tax for - public services.

Quality Childcare - Worth fighting For