Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas to All - But Before You Put Your Feet Up...

A wee update before everyone breaks for Christmas and New Year.

The Council Motion (which you can see if you click the link) was very good news.

However in reality, it means nothing unless the Councillors remember their support when they put forward their budget in 2010.

In case that budget commitment doesn’t happen, we also need to keep:

  • progressing discussions with Edinburgh Leisure themselves (they have now offered User Group meetings in the New Year)
  • petitioning our own Councillors – and those whose wards include the creches – to keep them aware of the need for these vital services.

So please have a good break but also:

1. Get in touch (via link to right) AND confirm which crèche you use most often (for the User Group meetings)

2. contact your own Councillors again and - especially – contact those listed below because SNP/LDP have overall Council control :

Ainslie Park (Forth ward)

  • Steve Cardownie (SNP)
  • Elaine Morris (LDP)


  • Colin Keir (SNP)
  • Robert Aldridge (LDP)


  • Tom Buchanan (SNP)
  • Conor Snowden (LDP)


  • Michael Bridgman (SNP)
  • Stephen Hawkins (LDP)

Seasons Greetings and thanks for your continued support!

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