Friday, 15 January 2010

Decision Time Approaching - Please Act!

It's coming up to final decision time on the future of Edinburgh Leisure's crèches.

We have a meeting scheduled for this coming Tuesday (19th Jan) near Ainslie Park at 10.30am – it's our chance to put our case to Edinburgh Leisure directly - please, if you can come and lend support in any way that'd be fantastic - no need to speak or anything if you don't want to, but the more of us there the better to show how keen we are to keep the 4 crèches open if at all possible. If you can come, please email us using the link here by Monday 18 Jan midday.

(We can then give you further details about where to go).

If you can't come to the meeting above please can you pop in and see your councillor to make one final plea for them to vote for £130 000 ring-fenced in the Edinburgh Leisure budget to save the crèches. (Councillors decide how much cash to give EL and can say if any of it is to be ring fenced for specific use).

If you can't do either of the above please, please can you email the following councillors, who are members of the Council’s Culture and Leisure Committee.;;;;;;;;;;;;

You can write about why you want the crèches saved, or you can just personalise the draft email below which should only take 1 minute of your time.

Many, many thanks for your help in this final push.

Draft email
Dear (insert councillor's name)

My name is (add your name) and I use (add your crèche and any other details) crèche which is threatened with closure. I urge you to vote for £130 000 to be ring fenced for Edinburgh Leisure crèches in the forthcoming Edinburgh Council budget. The council was unanimous in supporting our motion to save the crèches at the last full council meeting on 17th December, 2009. Thanks again for your vote.

Please can you follow up your words with actions and ensure these important services are saved so that Edinburgh's parents and carers are not discriminated against through lack of access to exercise facilities.

Yours (add your name again here)
PS For more information please look up our website

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