Monday, 11 January 2010

Let's Make Some Noise!

Hello all -

After a festive break we're back on the campaign trail again - hope everyone had a good holiday and is ready to make some noise about crèche closures.

So far this year our group
  1. has sent every one of the City of Edinburgh councillors a letter thanking them for supporting our motion in December - and asking them to follow through with that support,
  2. are meeting with Edinburgh Leisure representatives as soon as we can, and
  3. are organising a video to remind councillors of the need to rework budgets.

What are you doing? We'd love to know. So post on Facebook, send us an email or comment here. We'd also like feedback on what's been done so far and ideas, if you have any, of what we should all be doing.

But we need to make more noise. So everyone who can possibly can, please make it a New Year's resolution to do something for the campaign now.

You can

  • follow up on any questions with your councillors,
  • write to Edinburgh Leisure,
  • look at previous blogs for inspiration,
  • be part of our video.

Let's keep the noise going!

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